Construction Problems Continue at The Londonbury (Right Next to the Dog Park)

We received reports of ongoing issues involving the construction at The Londonbury.  As we reported earlier in the year, the apartment complex is basically getting an entire face lift due to issues involving the windows and siding.  The past story involved resident complaints on the how long the work was taking, a dog eating a construction tact and construction materials being found in the parking areas.  We got a flat tire a few days after visiting there, not sure if it was connected.

Construction ceased over the winter and resumed this spring.  We recently received new complaints and it doesn’t seem anything has changed.  One of the current complaints it that construction vehicles are parked in a fire lane. As you may remember, while undergoing initial construction, this complex was part of a massive fire that made the news nationally. We have a feeling if we left a car there overnight, we would get a ticket or towed.  So why are construction vehicles not receiving the same treatment?

As in the past, there are still screws laying around in the parking areas.

The construction is going on at various parts of the building.  The construction areas are usually fully fenced in.  This area was left exposed and children could easily enter.

More construction materials left exposed to the public.

One thing you will notice if you walk around The Londonbury is the number of light poles and signs that have been destroyed.  Here are exposed wires coming out of the ground.

More wires coming out of the ground where a light pole had once been.

The bottom of a broken sign post left for anyone to trip on.

Many of the lights are smashed, leaving residents in the dark if they need to go out at night.

During the recent rain and wind storm, a window and other construction materials were left unsecured in the scaffolding.

Notice the ladder left up in the scaffolding and the overflowing dumpsters left uncovered.

Remember back when CBS 3 did a story saying the unopened dog park was dangerous?  Elected officials called me several times that day asking me to get the story out that the dog park was not dangerous. There was a lot of concern about that story from CBS3, the most concern for anything we have experienced since we started the website in 2009.  Doesn’t seem to be much concern, from property management or the borough, for the residents living with this situation day after day.  Isn’t it someone’s job to monitor this?  Local business owners get calls from the Borough right away if they put up a promotional flag in front of their business, but all of this goes unnoticed apparently.

The soon to be opened Conshy Dog Park (opens July 5th) is located behind this property.  To go to the dog park you will need to walk and/or drive through this construction area, with the screws and nails on the ground, with the tripping hazards and the exposed wires.

We will monitor what happens over the next few days and weeks.  Stay tuned.