Conshy Planning Commission Votes That it Doesn’t Gotta Hava Wawa

Last night the Conshohocken Planning Commission voted 2-1 against recommending to Borough Council the Text Amendment requested by the developers of the proposed Wawa.  The hearing began with members of the community speaking, mostly against it, followed by a mix of lawyers and various experts.  Eventually it was time for the Planning Commissioners to speak and the chair, David Bertram, gave a point by point on how a gas station does not fit within the comprehensive and revitalization plans approved by the Borough.  He acknowledged from the podium that he could not support recommending the Text Amendment.  Commissioners Brian Tobin and Matt Mittman spoke on their decision making process, but did not acknowledge how they would vote.

Once that was done, it was time to take an actual vote.  Mittman came out in favor of the proposal and made a motion to recommend with a conditional use.  This motion was defeated.  Tobin then made a motion to not recommend the Text Amendment and the vote was 2-1 in favor.

So now what?  The Planning Commission will give Borough Council a presentation on their recommendation.  It is an advisory recommendation and does not bind Borough Council.  Borough Council can choose to take the matter up, or simply let it die.  If they take it up, they have to advertise that they will be voting on the request for a Text Amendment and provide a date.

The developers could also chose to go to the Zoning Board, which is a whole other animal.

Either way, its not exactly over yet.

Stay tuned.