Conshy on Pace to Have Over 60% Rental Units

During last week’s Borough Council meeting the 352 unit apartment community at Corson and West Elm was approved.  There was also a hearing for another 600+ units from O’Neill Properties along Washington Street (part of this community will fall in Whitemarsh).  This project is still in the approval process.  In addition, there is at least one other apartment community from O’Neill Properties in the pipeline.  All together Conshy is potentially looking at almost 1,500 apartment units built over the next few years.

An interesting statistic came out during this meeting.  Due to the growth in the riverfront apartments, and to a lesser extent the conversion of homes in the neighborhoods to rental units, Conshy is on the path to have 60+ percent of its housing as rentals.

Will this have a positive or negative impact on Conshohocken?  We will find out.

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