Conshy in the Urban Dictionary

Back in 2005, someone that goes by the handle “M.R.” took it upon him or herself to add “Conshy” to the Urban Dictionary. The definition “M.R.” offers is, “Something that is rough and tough. Stemming from the hometown Conshohocken, Pa.”  M.R. then goes to use it in a sentence, “Did that elbow to the face during the game hurt? Nah, I’m used to that. Its Conshy style”.

Unfortunately, “Conshohocken” was also added to the Urban Dictionary. In 2008, the genius behind the handle “Boob marfy” defined Conshohocken as “The wanna-be Philadelphia, more so than Norristown or Roxborough.”  After failing to acknowledge that Roxborough is actually part of Philadelphia, “Boob marfy” goes on to use Conshohocken in a sentence, “ey, yo, I’m goin’ to conshohocken t’day man.”(sic)

Not sure that last one even makes any sense.