Conshy Entrepreneurs Launch The Bacon Jams

Michael Oraschewsky, owner of The Conshohocken Cafe, and Eric Brewstein, owner of Corsa Advertising, have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new food product, The Bacon Jams.

What exactly are The Bacon Jams? They are spreadable bacon preserves that currently come in three flavors; All Original, Roasted Garlic Chili and Black Pepper & Honey.  The jams can be used with all three meals.  Spread it on a toast for breakfast, add it with lettuce and tomato at lunch for an instant BLT, and for dinner finish off pan seared scallops with a dallop of your favorite flavor.

Through Kickstarter, backers have the opportunity to help get the project off the ground and receive some of the first jars of “bacony goodness.”