Conshy Co-Ed Football League Registration

NOTE – The cutoff for registration is Wednesday, February 13th at 6:00 p.m.  If you are in the process of organizing a team please email so we know to expect your team.  Thanks.

Join for the first season of the Conshy Co-Ed Football League taking place this winter at the indoor field at Suburban Sports Training Center on Conshohocken Road in Conshohocken.  Games will be played on Friday and Sunday nights with the first game having an 8:00 p.m. start time.  If there are not eight teams registered, management reserves the right to move all games to Friday night.  League play starts on February 15th and the season will consist of seven regular season games and a playoff.

League Rules:

  • 6 players on the field (you can play a legal game with a minimum of 5 players)
  • At least one female must be on the field at all times
  • Individuals that register will be placed on a SSTC House Team
  • Two 20-minute halves
  • 4 Downs to score (NO first downs)
  • 6 point touchdowns
  • Choice of 1 or 2 extra points on PAT’s (3 paces/yards for 1 Pt.,8 paces/yards for 2 pts.)
  • Quarterbacks cannot snap the ball to themselves
  • Running clock the whole games unless a timeout is used
  • Ties during regular season stay as a tie
  • ONLY 2-Point conversion attempts may be intercepted and returned for 2 points
  • Laterals may be intercepted and run back for a touchdown or yardage.
  • NO kickoffs (Teams will start 3 yards from endzone)
  • All fumbles will be ruled dead balls with the offense retaining possession at the spot of the fumble
  • Four-Downs-and-Out format applies.
  • Receivers need only one foot in-bounds with possession of the ball to be considered a catch
  • Rule Clarification – Each team will recieve 3 timeouts per game
  • Rule Clarification – Offsides on the defense will be a free play for the offense

$750 for a team
$95 for an individual

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