Conshohoken Mayoral Candidate, Yaniv Aronson (D) Releases “Safe Schools and Safe Streets Traffic Safety Plan”

Earlier this week, candidate for Mayor of Conshohocken, Yaniv Aronson (D), released a “Safe Schools and Safe Streets Traffic Safety Plan.” The plan proposes three solutions that Aronson believes will make the streets of Conshohocken safer for pedestrians.

Here is the plan:

“Most people in Conshohocken know all too well about pedestrian safety hazards. We have either experienced it first hand, or heard about an incident from a neighbor. A key responsibility of the Mayor is public safety and this responsibility should not be ignored,” Aronson said ahead of his traffic safety plan release. “I am committed to protecting the safety of our children and all community members by implementing a comprehensive traffic safety solution.”

We emailed with Aronson and he shared that this is one part of a three part series on safety and small business promotion. The others will be released periodically in the lead up to the election in November.

Aronson’s opponent in the race is incumbent Robert Frost (R).