Conshohocken’s most viral moment of 2021

Conshohocken’s Tyler James broke out his skimboard after the flooding that hit Conshohocken when the remnants of Hurricane Ida passed over the region.

In addition to being on, videos of him riding across the floodwaters were shared thousands of times on social media and appeared on local television news. Just the two videos on’s TikTok were viewed approximately 240,000 times.

Guy skim boarding in the flood waters in Conshohocken. Video courtesy of Jamie Joffe. #conshy #conshohocken

♬ Thunderstruck – AC/DC

More of the skimboarder riding the floodwaters in Conshohocken. Video from Jamie Joffe. #conshy #conshohocken

♬ Bezos I – Bo Burnham