Conshohocken’s Democratic Party Accuses Republican Robert Stokley of Trying to Profit from his Position

On October 27th, the Conshohocken Democrats Facebook page posted that Republican Robert Stokley (Ward 6) lobbied Borough Council on September 20th to change Conshohocken’s zoning law to allow bigger garages. The implication is that Stokley hopes to profit off the zoning change, because he has a construction business.

Here is the Facebook post:

We decided to go look at the video from this meeting and see what was said. Stokley discusses a constituent of his wanting to build a garage and the roadblocks the resident met when trying to do so. Stokley believes that making it easier to build garages and car ports will encourage people to do so and improve the parking situation.

During the discussion, Democrat Council President James Griffin (Ward 2) agrees with Stokley and Democrats Jane Flanagan (Ward 5) and Colleen Leonard (Ward 7) nod at times in agreement. Eventually the discussion leads to how the Comprehensive Plan Task Force plans to address issues like this and will consider taking up Stokley’s concerns about garages and car ports.

Below is the video, it is an interesting discussion:

The disconnect between how the Democrats on Borough Council reacted to Stokley’s bringing the issue up and it now ending up as an attack ad by the official Conshohocken Democrats Facebook page. Do the Democrats on Borough Council support this attack? Or was it simply the action of the Facebook page administrator? Who controls the local Democratic Party?

If you watched the video, does Stokley sound like a guy on the take or an elected official simply trying to address a concern of a constituent and what is a major issue throughout the Borough?

Stokley is facing challenger Kevin Dwyer (D) in the November election.

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