Conshohocken’s Chef Share Meals featuring Conshohocken’s Philly Roast Pork

Two local companies are coming together to bring Mastrocola’s Philly Roast Pork back to the greater Conshohocken market.

Mastrocola’s Philly Roast Pork got its start as the featured product of a small chain of Italian delis first opened back in 1979 by owner/operator Mike Mastrocola Sr. Mastrocola lived and raised his family in Conshohocken for 60 years after emigrating from the province of Campania, Italy at the age of 19. The delis were located in Plymouth Meeting, Conshohocken, Trooper, and Audubon.

The family tradition continues. Mastrocola’s son, Conshohocken-resident Mike Mastrocola Jr, is the brand ambassador for Philly Roast Pork through John F. Martin & Son’s, based out of Lancaster County.

Mastrocola Jr. met Chef Share’s Joe Ferrigno during his daily walk down Maple Street in Conshohocken. Ferrigno had just opened his commercial kitchen where he now operates Chef Share Meals, a meal preparation company.

Ferrigno and Mastrocola are excited to introduce this local collaboration, offering Mastrocola’s Philly Roast Pork as one of Chef Share Meals’ 10 weekly single-serve meal prep menus. It is currently offered as a roast pork build-a-box with aspirations of selling it family style.

You can try this local product by going to Chef Share’s website. Orders are due by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday for a Sunday delivery.