Conshohocken’s Borough Council to Discuss Permanent Stop Sign on West 6th Avenue

During the Wednesday, October 4th meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council there will be a discussion on whether to initiate the process to install a permanent stop sign on West 6th Avenue. The meeting is at 7:00 p.m. at Borough Hall at West 4th Avenue and Fayette.

The agenda states:

Discussion on authorization to prepare an amendment to and advertisement for the traffic ordinance for the permanent installation of a stop sign on West 6th Avenue.

There are currently three temporary stop signs at the three way intersection of West 6th and Freedly Street. These stop signs were put up under an order by Mayor Bob Frost (R) after residents complained about the speed and volume of cars. The Conshohocken Police Department conducted a traffic study and the results did not suggest there is a speeding problem on the street.

If you live on West 6th, are the temporary signs having an impact? Let us know in the comments.