Conshohocken’s Borough Council Accepts $102,000 In Lieu of Trail Bathroom Facility

As we reported, Conshohocken’s Borough Council was agreeable to accept a payment from the developer of the office building at West Elm and Corson Streets in lieu of the developer building a bathroom facility along the trail. The developer building the bathroom facility was one of the conditions negotiated as part of the office buildings approval. The reason for the change was due to neighboring residents objecting to the bathroom facility as an eyesore and parking concerns.

Earlier in the month, the developer offered $100,000 as the amount it would pay. This amount was based on the cost to build the bathroom facility. The Borough wanted to negotiate a higher amount. According to a report in today’s Times Herald, during last night’s Borough Council meeting, Borough Council voted to accept $102,000 as the payment amount. The new amount was based on rounding up a down-to-the-penny estimate of $101,287 to build the bathrooms.