Conshohocken Steel Plant Focus of Article in The New York Times

The ArcelorMittal steel plant in Conshohocken was the focus of an article in The New York Times today. The articles explores the pending layoffs that were announced at the end of summer, the impacted workers, and President Trump’s campaign promises specific to the steel industry and the lack of action thus far. Here is a bit from the article:

At this sprawling steel mill on the outskirts of Philadelphia, the workers have one number in mind. Not how many tons of steel roll off the line, or how many hours they work, but where they fall on the plant’s seniority list.

In September, ArcelorMittal, which owns the mill, announced that it would lay off 150 of the plant’s 207 workers next year. While the cuts will start with the most junior employees, they will go so deep that even workers with decades of experience will be cast out.

“I told my son, ‘Christmas is going to be kind of scarce, because mommy’s going to lose her job soon,’” said Kimberly Allen, a steelworker and single parent who has worked at the plant for more than 22 years. On the seniority list, she’s 72nd.

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