Conshohocken Resident Told to Remove Shirt Prior to Participating in Sixers’ Contest

Two articles on the Sixers’ in a row. That has never happened before. They must be doing really good.

Last night Conshohocken resident Michael Diaz was among those asked to remove his shirt prior to participating in a half-court shot contest at the Sixers’ game. The prize was season tickets (they have to give them away now). The shirt said “Trust the Process,” which was the mantra of recently resigned General Manager Sam Hinkie. A couple other guys were asked to remove jerseys they had altered to say “Hinkie” and dollar signs where the jersey number would normally be. has an article it as well.

Diaz was actually first in line to shoot. He shared with us that the guy behind him was also wearing a Hinkie shirt. When he went on court he said he said the person in charge got a call on her headset and they weren’t allowed on court with the shirts.

Below is a Tweet showing the fan altered jerseys. Diaz’s shirt is above.