Conshohocken resident received anonymous note due to George Floyd banner

Conshohocken resident Christine Bertino has had a banner with an image of George Floyd with the words “I Can’t Breathe,” “Justice For George Floyd,” and “Solidarity With Minneapolis” since just after Floyd’s death while being arrested by the Minneapolis police. Floyd’s death has resulted in protests nationwide, including a few in Conshohocken. The police officers involved have been arrested.

Someone apparently did not like her banner. Bertino received an anonymous note recently that she shared on social media. The author makes the argument that her banner reveals that she is a radical left-wing Democrat who advocates for socialist/Marxist policies. It then goes into how the Democratic Party wants to remove statues, yet was the party of slavery. The note closes by stating that cops and all lives matter and telling Bertino to vote Republican.

On the Nextdoor platform she was asked if she reported it to the police and the postmaster and she shared:

The police said they really can’t take action because there is no real threat in the letter. I wanted to have it on the record with the police. They have a copy. I will keep everything. I doubt the Post Master can do anything because there was no threat.

We will provide an update if necessary.