Conshohocken Resident on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell

Hotel Hell, one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s reality television shows, debuts for its third season on Tuesday, May 24th at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. The show filmed last fall around the country. Melissa Weissman, a Conshohocken resident and Plymouth Meeting native, was a member of Ramsay’s staff for the show.

The premise of Hotel Hell is that Ramsay comes in and works with the owners and employees of a struggling hotel to reverse its misfortune. As part of Ramsay’s staff, Weissman helped the hotel staff implement Ramsay’s suggestions, mostly off camera.

Weissman is the Catering Manager for Conshy Girls Catering, which is part of the restaurant group that owns Stella Blu, Gypsy Saloon, Southern Cross Kitchen and Gypsy Blu.