Conshohocken Republicans Reorganize Under New Leadership (And They Even Have a Website)

The Conshohocken Republican Party has reorganized under new leadership and has published a new website, new social media accounts, and even took an Abbey Road-esque photo across Fayette Street. We appreciate having access to all this information that in the past was hard to find or completely unavailable, but were not sure about that photo.

The new Chairman is James Latta (link to bio) and Joseph Ferringo (link to bio) is Vice Chairman. The Party Treasurer is Dominick Coccia, Jr. (link to bio).

The party also sent us a statement

We, the Conshohocken Republican Committee, would like to formally reintroduce ourselves and reaffirm our commitment to the community of Conshohocken. As our Borough continues to adapt to changing times, we understand the need to change with it.

That is why precious time, money, and resources have been spent on our new Platform. We’ve built a brand new website showcasing articles, interviews, blogs, upcoming events, and the local people that make our community shine. We are also now active on most popular social Platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Today and for many years to come, we will look to connect with local business owners, trades, residents, or anyone else who want to have an impact on the betterment of our Borough. Our focus is here, where it matters most – not to Montgomery County or further up the political ladder. We care about the town you grew up in and its traditions. We care about the town you may have been recently drawn to, with all its opportunities. We care about the family you want to start or nurture here.

Simply put, we care about Conshohocken and will work hard to represent its best interests, regardless of political affiliation, ideologies, or outside influences. We look forward to a continuously improving dialog and would like to thank our community for the opportunity to serve.

The local Democrats weren’t impressed. On Facebook. the Democrats posted the following:

Over the last decade, Republicans have been successful in Borough-wide elections (mayor and tax collector), but have only been able to achieve a 5-2 minority at most on Borough Council. Republicans currently only hold one seat on Borough Council. It will be interesting to see if the reorganization is able to produce different results.

This upcoming election should be an interesting one and we plan to cover it thoroughly.

Stay tuned for more.

Photo: Conshohocken Republican Party