Conshohocken Publisher and Political Candidate Charged in Theft from Church

Teresa Parris of Conshohocken, the publisher of Conshy Courier, an elected constable and a candidate on the May 15th ballot for Democratic Committeeperson for Ward 2, has been charged in the alleged unauthorized use of a credit card from the church where she worked in Lafayette Hill. She used the credit card mainly to pay the printing fees for the Conshy Courier. From the police report:

St Peter’s Lutheran Church, located at 3025 Church Rd Lafayette Hill pa 19144, had conducted an audit and discovered that eleven unauthorized credit card transactions had occurred between 08/15/16 and 03/28/17 on the Church’s BJ’s credit card, account # (number removed by MTTC). The amounts of the transactions totaled $23,888.80. Ten of the charges were to Engle Printing. One charge was to Sprint Wireless in the amount of $293.56.

The eleven transactions were:

1) 08/15/16 Engle Printer $3,213.65
2) 09/13/16 Engle Printer $3,246.04
3) 10/11/16 Engle Printer $3,415.60
4) 11/08/16 Engle Printer $1,613.37
5) 11/09/16 Engle Printer $1,965.60
6) 12/13/16 Engle Printer $3,344.68
7) 01/13/17 Engle Printer $1,613.37
8) 01/18/17 Engle Printer $1,970.35
9) 02/09/17 Engle Printer $1,557.31
10) 03/18/17 Sprint Wireless $ 293.27
11) 03/21/17 Engle Printer $1,655.56
TOTAL: $23,888.76

Investigation revealed that the credit card belonging to the church, account # (number removed by MTTC), was used to make payments to Engle Printer & Publishing Co. Inc. Ten payments, totaling $23,595.49, were made to the Engle Printer & Publishing Co. Inc. for the publishing of the “Conshy Courier” over a period of seven months. One payment was sent to Sprint Wireless in the amount of $293.27.

During that same time period, the defendant TERESA PARRIS, did work as the office manager for St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and had access to the same credit card account. PARRIS was also the publisher of the “Conchy Courier”.

On 04/03/18, Det. Zadroga and I spoke with TERESA PARRIS at her home. I advised her that St. Peter’s had performed an audit and discovered that there were eleven (11) transaction on the church’s credit card totaling over $23,000 between August of 2016 & March of 2017. That ten (10) charges were to Engle Printing. One charge was to Sprint Wireless.

Teresa Parris admitted that she did make those unauthorized transactions. Engle Printing was the printer of the “Conshy Courier” at that time. The Sprint transaction was for her cell phone account. The church did not authorize any of these transactions.

All charges are theft related.

Parris is very active in the local business community and in Democratic Party politics. We bump into her on almost a weekly basis at some event or public meeting. Everyone we have spoken with about this is completely shocked.

More to come.

Photo: Facebook/Teresa Parris