Conshohocken potentially getting outdoor exercise area

On the agenda for the February 19th meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council is consideration of a resolution to “collaborate” with the National Fitness Campaign in regards to an outdoor exercise area. The agenda reads:

Consider approving Resolution 2020-04 resolving to collaborate with the National Fitness Campaign to implement an outdoor Fitness Court

What is the National Fitness Campaign and an outdoor Fitness Court?

According to its website, the National Fitness Campaign’s mission is as follows:

For over 40 years, we’ve been dedicated to helping communities fund, build and activate the world’s best outdoor gym. We are committed to creating healthy communities across the country, and we envision a world that is digitally connected through a common goal — life-long wellness for adults of all ages.

And the outdoor Fitness Court?

The Fitness Court® provides a full-body functional fitness workout for adults of all ability levels. With over 30 pieces of bodyweight equipment, the Fitness Court® can be used in thousands of ways.

Potential locations aren’t mentioned.

More to come.

Photos: National Fitness Campaign