Conshohocken Police Forced to Shoot Aggressive Dog

A loose and aggressive dog recently resulted in a Conshohocken Police Officer having to shoot and kill it. The dog, owned by Antonio Howard, brother of actor and Lafayette Hill resident Terrence Howard, has been in the news before. In 2011, Antonio Howard pleaded guilty to threatening police officers with the dog, a mastiff, after they responded to his home due a report of a domestic disturbance.

Video from 2011 Hearing – A Conshohocken policeman pats down 40-year-old Antonio Howard before he is driven back to Montgomery County Prison following his preliminary hearing in district court. The Conshohocken man, the brother of actor Terrence Howard, was charged with threatening and intimidating officers with a dog at his home. He plead guilty.

In the latest incident, the dog was loose and police officers were attempting to corral it when it became aggressive. While loose it had attacked another dog, the officers and bloodied itself when it attacked and damaged a police car. It eventually ran into a business sending the employees scrambling. At that point it was put down. No officers were injured.

A person on Antonio Howard’s block said the dog was often left outside barking and that his family stopped walking down the alley because they were afraid of it.

Terrence Howard is also a real treat. He once punched a man and woman at Ray’s Diner on Germantown Pike in East Norriton. There are also several incidents of alleged (twice he plead guilty to a lesser charge) violence against women, which he denies.

Photo is not the dog involved, just a representation of a mastiff.