Conshohocken Physical Therapy Offering Dartfish Video Analysis (Sponsored Content)

As Physical Therapist, our eyes are trained to spot movement dysfunctions and bio- mechanical deviations from the time our patients walk in the door, sit in the waiting room and throughout our examinations. We can see the big picture of muscle imbalances, range of motion deficits, mobility problems, area of weakness and changes in gait.  However, incorporating slow motion video analysis provides us with precise information that is not possible to see in real time. With slow motion we can measure specific joint angles from the foot/ankle, knee, hip, and spine  to provide more specific to our patients regarding their abnormal mechanics. We can isolate muscular compensations, identify signs of weakness and point out possible habitual changes that are contributing to pain (or that may lead to an injury in the future).

In addition, the patient can now see their own body mechanics as we review the slow motion video together and as it is projected on a big screen TV during the analysis. This provides a deeper level of engagement and learning when the patient can visualize his or her own movement dysfunctions. We also can provide the patient, as well as other treating health care providers, with images of the video that demonstrate the specific movement dysfunctions. This is an excellent tool for the patient to refer back to and compare with post-training videos. Other treating health care professionals will also benefit by seeing these images for a more comprehensive view into each patient’s problem when it is actually occurring during the gait cycle.

Similar to slow motion gait analysis of walking and running, at Conshohocken Physical Therapy, we also perform slow motion analysis of the golf swing. The focus here is to identify movement dysfunction of the golfer based on his or her body. Once identified, we can then create an exercise program tailored to the specific findings from the video. Again, we can identify the root of the problem to reverse pain syndromes and also prevent future injuries.

Adding Dartfish video analysis to our practice has been a valuable addition to enhance our evaluations, diagnostics and treatment prescriptions. The patients have also appreciated and enjoyed the experience of this sophisticated level of evaluation while learning more about their own bodies and what they can do to stay healthy and continue to walk, run or golf without pain.

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