Conshohocken mom has created a new baby swaddle known as Swaddlou

Conshohocken mom Courtney Peters was recently featured on WFMZ in the Leigh Valley for creating a baby swaddle known as Swaddlou. Peters started Swaddlou during the pandemic while working full time and having four daughters under three-and-a-half years of age.

Swaddlou has a patent-pending “double swaddle” stretch-compression design that swaddles newborns with a comfortable, soothing, and secure no-Velcro design, keeping babies sleeping longer.  An inner arm wrap gently positions the baby for arms down swaddling, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, secured with a zipped sleep sack, and finished with a swaddling outer wrap, secured by two snaps.

The swaddles are grown, milled, and manufactured in the United States, and manufactured at a family-owned business located in Allentown.

Watch the video below. Note that it says she lives in Plymouth Meeting. Peters clarified that she grew up in Plymouth Meeting, but now lives in Conshohocken. You can learn more and purchase a Swaddlou here.

Photo: Swaddlou