Conshohocken Man Arrested After Incident Involving Explosives

Last week the Times Herald published an article that provided details on a pretty crazy situation that was reported to have taken place at Guppy’s Good Times and on Maple Street itself on May 11th.

As reported by the Times Herald, based on “witness accounts in the arresting affidavit,” the situation started when a resident of Maple Street,  Bernard John Krasnisky, went into the bar and restaurant and was asked to leave. He was asked to leave because he “seemed out of it” according to the article.

After leaving Guppy’s the Times Herald reports that “he allegedly placed homemade explosives outside of a bar he had been thrown out of.” Krasnisky was also spotted on Maple Street with a gun.

The owner of Guppy’s Good Times, Robin Gupta, disputed one aspect of the article. He stated:

There were not any explosives placed on the property of Guppy’s Good Times. We did ask the person to leave Guppy’s and we did notify police when a client informed us a man was walking down Maple Street with a gun. La responded quickly, found and arrested this person. This was a strange and random event. It is certainly concerning. We the hope legal system keeps us safe and we are cooperating with authorities to help them in any way we can.

Fireworks, that Krasnisky, had altered, were found in a neighboring yard. According to the Times Herald, Krasnisky was charged with a host of charges including the unlawful possession or manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, which is a a grade 2 felony.