Conshohocken Likely Choice for New Corporate Headquarters for AmerisourceBergen

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that AmerisourceBergen has narrowed its focus for a new corporate headquarters to Conshohocken. The properties under consideration are:

  • 400 West Elm (Equus Capital Partners) – Located along West Elm Street just past The Grande as you head into Plymouth Township. Basically where the old Liberty Gas Station use to be located.
  • Seven Tower Bridge (Oliver Tyrone Pulver Corporation) – Located on the riverfront in Conshohocken just downriver from the Matsonford Bridge)
  • SORA West (Keystone Property Group) – Located at West Elm and Fayette (this is also where the hotel is approved to be built). The existing two office buildings on the site would be knocked down and bigger ones built.
  • The Millennial (O’Neil Properties Group) – Located along the riverfront in the open space adjacent to the helipad
  • The Village at Valley Forge (Realen Properties)  – Located in King of Prussia

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, AmerisourceBergen needs between 300,000 to 400,000 square feet of office space and its current lease ends in 2020.

What the Philadelphia Business Journal did not report is that while all the Conshohocken sites have approved redevelopment plans, none currently are approved for exactly what AmerisourceBergen needs. Each will need to seek approval to tweak or expand on what is currently approved.

More to come.