Is Conshohocken Getting a Greek Restaurant?

On Wednesday night’s agenda for Conshohocken’s Borough Council is a presentation by a business named “Authentically Greek, LLC” that is seeking a waiver of off street parking for 4 East 1st Avenue (basically next to Jimmy John’s). That address has most recently been an accountant’s office.

We heard several months ago that a Greek restaurant was seeking a spot in Conshohocken. If “Authentically Greek” is indeed a restaurant, this will be the fourth space on that block that has changed from a non-restaurant to a restaurant in the last decade. Jimmy John’s was formally a nail salon, Snap Custom Pizza was formally a dry cleaner (there were a yogurt place and Local Table between the dry cleaner and Snap opening), part of Southern Cross Kitchen was a news stand (it was 8 East, a restaurant and bar, between the news stand and Southern Cross opening).

The waivers of off street parking are basically a waste of time. Those buildings have no off street parking and never have (at least in modern times). The waiver basically acknowledges that. Most recently Snap Custom Pizza received one.

We will know more about the possible restaurant after tomorrow night’s meeting. Stay tuned.