Conshohocken flood videos on TikTok

A few local people on TikTok uploaded videos about the recent flooding. The first one is really funny. It is from a person who lost a car in the flood making a humorous comment on how she plans to fix it.

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Reply to @milfs_and_dilfs_welcome if anyone needs any mechanic advice let me know. #flood #conshohocken #pennsylvania #philly #Philadelphia #ida

♬ original sound – Val Fox

More of the skimboarder riding the floodwaters in Conshohocken. Video from Jamie Joffe. #conshy #conshohocken

♬ Bezos I – Bo Burnham

in case you’re wondering how PA is doing.. #conshohocken #ida #flooding

♬ Tokyo Drift – Xavier Wulf

But where is the water actually supposed to be? Impossible to know Rn. #hurricaneida #philly #conshohocken

♬ original sound – Funny Tiktoks