Conshohocken Democrats Facebook Page on the Attack Again

We were waiting for this to happen, so we can’t say we are surprised. But whoever runs the Facebook page of the Conshohocken Democrats is back attacking

Last week we were contacted by the campaign of Lou Barletta who was making a stop in Conshohocken. He was walking down Fayette Street and we took a picture of him with the former mayor and someone who he met along the street. We published the photo, along with a brief article.

Here is the Facebook post from the Conshohocken Democrats:

Now read our article when Senator Bob Casey (D), Barletta’s opponent, came to Conshohocken in October 2017.

They are pretty much the same article, so we are not sure how we are showing any type of supposed “right-wing” bias. We even express disappoint in the Casey article that hadn’t been contacted. Look in the comments, one person states that we were the only media outlet to provide any coverage of his press conference.

Case closed.