Conshohocken Dad Discusses Raising Mixed Race Children in The Colorism Chronicle

Conshohocken dad, Sidney Gantt, was interviewed for The Colorism Chronicle, which explores various topics of race. The intro for the article and the video are below:

In today’s episode of The Colorism Chronicles, you’ll meet Sidney Gantt, a stand-up comedian with a very “colorful” family. Sidney is Black, his wife is white and their three children fall somewhere in between. I actually convinced Sidney to participate in my Same Family, Different Colors video series after stalking him in a Whole Foods. I saw him with his three children – his son presents as white, his twin daughters are brown – and I just knew I needed to speak with him. Thankfully, he didn’t think I was a total nut case and invited me to his home for the interview.

Read the full article here.

Photo: Screengrab from video