Conshohocken Brewing’s King of Prussia Location to Open Within Two Weeks

Realtor Mike Spampinato of Entourage Elite, who found the 3100 Horizon Avenue space for Conshohocken Brewing, took us on a tour today of the soon-to-open fifth location for the brewery. Please note that the space is under construction, so the photos show the unfinished product.

The location is a nondescript office/warehouse building (pictured at top of article) located just over 10 minutes from downtown Conshohocken.

The garage door that connects the outdoor seating area to the tap room.

The location will have a more festive appearance come spring when an outdoor seating area is added. An existing garage door will connect the outside area to the tasting room.

The unfinished production area.

This location will serve primarily as a production facility, producing beer for Conshohocken Brewing’s five locations and other restaurants, bars and retail outlets.

Looking from the top row down to the stage in the conference space.

One of the more interesting aspects of this location is its conference space. The conference space has tiered seating for 40 to 50, a stage and audio-visual capabilities.

The taproom.

The taproom has a large bar and plenty of room for additional seating. There will be a big window looking into the production facility.

Stay tuned for the opening.