Conshohocken Brewing No Longer Renting Space to Political Organizations

Last night the Montgomery County Republican Committee rented a private space within Conshohocken Brewing’s King of Prussia location. The event was a viewing party for Trump’s speech in Orlando. At the King of Prussia location, the brewery has a small amphitheater type room with a big screen.

The Philadelphia Inquirer had a reporter at the event and the reporter tweeted from it:

That led to a few people (less than 10) on Twitter saying they would no longer visit Conshohocken Brewing.

The brewery responded with a statement today. From the Philadelphia Inquirer article:

“Conshohocken Brewing Company has no political affiliation and does not endorse the views of any political groups,” the brewery said in an emailed statement. ” Conshohocken Brewing Co. and it’s 150 plus employees strive to promote the values of inclusion, diversity and respect. Given the current political climate and to ensure we keep with those values, Conshohocken Brewing is no longer reserving space to political organizations, regardless of party affiliation.”

What a sad state of affairs.