Conshohocken Borough Council Member Offers Clue to Why Borough Removed Fire Trucks from Washington Fire Company

A comment made on Facebook by Conshohocken Borough Council member Jane Flanagan (D, Ward 5) offers a clue to what led the Borough of Conshohocken to remove Borough-owned fire trucks from the Washington Fire Company on July 5th.

Yesterday the Borough of Conshohocken released a second statement on the issue. Flanagan shared that post on her personal Facebook page.

Former Borough Council member Eddie Phipps, who is a brother of two former Conshohocken Fire Chiefs, commented under the post asking questions. That led to some back and forth and Flanagan states that the Washington Fire Company should not have acted surprised the fire trucks were removed (due to meetings that had taken place) and then refers to “local, state and federal” audits it has not complied with.

The last comment pictured above shows Flanagan stating “Shame on the leadership at Washies.” That is in response to Phipps’ statement on how the people he had spoken to at the fire company had not known this was coming. Flanagan appears to be suggesting that the fire company’s leadership did not keep the membership informed.

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