Conshohocken Borough Council Considering Taking Position on Zoning Application Involving Three Proposed Homes at West 1st Avenue and Forrest

On the agenda for tonight’s meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council is to consider the council taking a position on a zoning application involving zoning relief sought to build three homes on the Light Parker parking lot at the corner of West 1st Avenue and Forrest Street.

It is rare that Borough Council takes a position on a matter before the Zoning Hearing Board (the hearing is scheduled for November 7th). For the past few years on its own, the Borough has discouraged developers from creating increased density. A not-so-rare situation in the Borough is a single home being knocked down to build twins. The very fact that the developer needs zoning relief indicates its plan for three homes does not fit within current zoning guidelines.

While increased density is likely an issue in generating Borough Council’s interest, this also involves the sensitive issue of taking away parking spots from downtown Conshohocken. As has reported, the Light Parker building is up for rent. The parking lot isn’t big by any means (looking from Google Earth it appears to be eight spots), but even that could likely handle the employees of any future retail tenant.

More to come.