Conshohocken-based skincare research company seeking new participants in studies

Product Investigations, Inc. is a privately held unique business located in Conshohocken in Montgomery County.  The company is a third-party clinical research laboratory specializing in skincare research for cosmetic, aesthetic, personal care, and pharmaceutical companies. This research includes product safety, efficacy, claims support, and skin wellness.

Product Investigations is deeply rooted in the history and development of the skincare and clinical testing industries and has been in operation in Conshohocken for 46 years. 

A large amount of testing is done with products for the cosmetic and body care industries.  The participants of the studies are well compensated. Studies can range in length from one day to numerous weeks, depending on the nature of the study. 

Product Investigations has a constantly growing network of people taking part in studies that focus on all ethnicities, ages, and skin types. The company is always seeking to increase its subject base and have multiple studies going on simultaneously.

How can you participate? Call or text (610) 825-5855 for more information or to see if you are eligible to participate in an upcoming study.