Conshohocken-based Quaker Houghton has committed to be carbon neutral in its global operations by 2030

Conshohocken-based Quaker Houghton announced on March 25th that it plans to be carbon neutral in its global operations by 2030. The company has also committed to setting science-based targets (clearly defined path to reduce emissions through the Science Based Target Initiative, which is in line with the Paris Climate Agreement) by 2030 to achieve net-zero emissions across its value chain by 2050.

“I am proud of the significant progress we have made in establishing the foundation for Quaker Houghton’s sustainability program,” said Michael F. Barry, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President. Mr. Barry continued, “It is our responsibility to ethically manage environmental, social, and economic concerns so that future generations are healthy and successful. Our focus, and first commitment, starts with achieving carbon neutrality.”

Actions the company plans to take to reach neutrality in its global operations by 2030 are:

  • Energy efficiency and conservation measures
  • Purchasing green power and Energy Attribute Certificates (e.g., RECs)
  • Neutralizing residual emissions using high quality carbon offsets

Quaker Houghton is a global leader in industrial process fluids. With a presence around the world, including operations in over 25 countries, our customers include thousands of the world’s most advanced and specialized steel, aluminum, automotive, aerospace, offshore, can, mining, and metalworking companies.

You can learn more about Quaker Houghton’s sustainability program here.