Conshohocken-Based eLocal Makes Two Acquisitions

Conshohocken-based eLocal, which offers performance-based advertising for local, regional and national service businesses, has acquired Felix and CityGrid to become one of the largest players in the pay-per-call and pay-per-lead industry. This acquisition, along with its acquisition of Ring Router in October 2018, enables eLocal to offer pay-per-call and pay-per-lead solutions within the home services, legal, insurance, medical, and financial business sectors.

“We are excited to now partner, rather than compete, with two of the early leaders in performance-based marketing,” said Bruce Aronow, CEO at eLocal. “eLocal has built an extraordinarily robust performance-based advertising platform and we intend to continue leveraging our technology and operational infrastructure to strategically expand and grow.”

The combined management team, with representation from each organization, has significant depth of experience and is well-positioned to execute on a shared vision. “There were tremendous synergies between what eLocal and Felix have built,” said Jill Labert, who assumes the role of Chief Revenue Officer at eLocal. “By leveraging the best-in-class aspects of each organization, we expect to deliver significant value to our clients and publishing partners.”

Fueled by an infusion of growth capital from LLR Partners in late 2017, eLocal is focused on continuing to augment its organic growth through targeted acquisitions. “Ring Router, Felix, and CityGrid are an important first step in our vision, as we continue to look for strategic acquisitions in 2019 and beyond,” Aronow added. “Piece by piece, together, we’re building something exceptional here, and this is just the beginning.”