Complete Video of Last Colonial School Board Meeting

Below is the full video from the August 15th meeting of the Colonial School Board. Lots of fireworks during the meeting due to the public comment, debate and eventual adoption of a “Responsible Contractors” policy.

We are going to breakout specific parts of the meeting over the next couple days, but for now, here it is in its entirety:

If you are wondering about the image at the top of this post, here is the background. During this meeting, School Board Member Mel Brodsky (D) states that he had changed his mind since a meeting two days prior and can no longer support adopting a “Responsible Contractors” policy as its written.

A little later in the meeting, School Board Member Adam Schupack (D) questions Brodksy’s integrity for changing his mind. Brodsky calls him “disgraceful.”

If you want to watch this exchange, start the video with Schupack questioning Brodsky’s integrity at 1:37:02.