Community Ralllys to Keep Clint in Conshy

A few weeks ago we heard that Conshy native Clint “Colonial Clint” Gates was having trouble finding a new apartment in Conshohocken. Clint is known for having represented Plymouth Whitemarsh High School as the Colonial mascot and the guy you see pushing a lawnmower around the Borough each summer as he services his landscaping clients.

As you know, apartments in Conshy aren’t cheap and Clint needed a two-bedroom for him and his mother. After not having any luck on his own, he turned to Shawn Tammaro and Bobby Daddis at Entourage Elite Real Estate for help. Tamarro and Daddis found him a place, but he still needed help with the deposit money.

Colonial Clint
Clint leading the Whitemarsh Fourth of July Parade as the Colonial. Photo from Whitemarsh Parks & Recreation’s Facebook page.

Entourage Elite waived its fees, but most importantly Daddis set-up a GoFundMe account for Clint. The GoFundMe campaign quickly spread through social media and the community responded with donations. Clint received the money he needed within three hours, plus some extra.

So plan on seeing Colonial Clint around Conshy for years to come.