Column | Not many choices for Tuesday’s primary

The primary election is Tuesday, June 2nd. Locally, the election isn’t very exciting. In’s coverage area, only Democrats in West Conshohocken and Plymouth Township get to cast a vote that actually means anything pertaining to a local office (State Senator for the 17th district).

Republicans, you have no real uncontested races except for delegates to the convention. And let’s be realistic, the vast majority of you have no idea who the people running for this are (we only recognize one or two names). The same is true on the Democratic side when it comes to the delegates.

In regards to the Democratic Party primary for State Senator for the 17th District, the race is a mess. You have the incumbent “liberal lion” Daylin Leach who over the past two years has faced calls for him to resign due to a string of accusations involving everything from telling inappropriate jokes in the office to rape. And it is not just activists who have called for him to resign, it is pretty much everyone from Governor Wolf on down.

Leach’s opponent, East Norriton Supervisor Amanda Cappelletti, has been accused by Leach’s supporters as having a light resume (her Linkedin). Leach’s supporters also claim that the most serious allegations against Leach are untrue and he has apologized and learned from his mistakes when it comes to the allegations involving jokes and office behavior.

Hilariously, Leach recently put out a video complaining about the tone of the campaign. Cappelletti has put a series of negative ads highlighting the allegations against Leach and that he has been disowned by much of the party establishment. What we find so funny about Leach complaining is that he is famously known for calling a fellow Democrat, now State Senator Katie Muth, a “toxic hand grenade” when she didn’t want to share a stage with him.

The biggest strike against Cappelletti is that she has declined to debate Leach. There were offers from the League of Women Voters and WHYY. She said she didn’t want to provide Leach a platform to continue to make false claims about his situation.

The two will pretty much vote exactly the same way, so it comes down to your gut instinct about the candidates.

On the state and national level, Republicans do not have any choices either (yes we know there are two names on the ballot against Trump, but they aren’t serious candidates).

On the state and national level for the Democrats, Joe Biden still has Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders on the ballot. While Gabbard was never a viable candidate, Sanders will likely still get some votes even though he has suspended his campaign. Democrats also have to make a selection from a crowded field for Auditor General.

That is really it. The vast majority of the races are uncontested, which unfortunately the parties encourage. Why the government is involving in managing an election that is mainly a beauty contest for party favorites is beyond me. Primaries have become coronations, not elections.

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Photo: Daylin Leach and Amanda Cappelletti