Colonial and Upper Merion School Districts on Two-Hour Delay, Plus Colonial’s Parade Policy

UPDATE – Colonial has now announced it is closed today (Wednesday, February 7th).

UPDATE – Upper Merion has now announced it will be closed today (Wednesday, February 7th).

The Colonial and Upper Merion School Districts have announced they will be operating on a two-hour delay on Wednesday, February 7th. The Colonial School District also made an announcement about its parade policy. See all below:

Colonial School District

All Colonial schools will open two hours late today, Wednesday, Feb. 7, because of the weather. Note: We will re-evaluate at 7:15 a.m. in the event the change to rain does not occur.

Here is the message sent by Superintendent Christian about the parade:

With the success of the Eagles, the excitement in our schools has been palpable. Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs are thoroughly enjoying the accomplishments of the Super Bowl Champs. As many of you know, the city has planned a parade on Thursday, February 8. The District estimates we will have a number of students/families who will attend the parade, but we also realize that many families will need to have their children attend school. Additionally, we have already lost time due to inclement weather with closings and delayed openings.

Please know that Colonial School District schools are open on Thursday. The principals and I understand that the championship parade presents a unique opportunity for families as millions of fans are expected to attend. Therefore, the District will excuse student absences on Thursday with a note from the parent to your building principal.

Upper Merion School District

The Upper Merion Area Schools and Offices will operate on a 2-hour delay schedule Feb. 7th
The Kindergarten schedule for a 2-hour delayed opening:
Morning Session: 10:50 AM – 12:50 PM
Afternoon Session: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

There is not an announced policy on skipping school for the parade.