Colonial School District Releases Statement on Chris Manero Situation

The Colonial School District has released a statement in regards to the issue involving Chris Manero, a Plymouth Whitemarsh High School teacher and incumbent candidate for Plymouth Township’s Council, who utilized students at a polling location today.

From the school district:

Colonial Board Policy precludes an employee from using district resources to campaign or raise funds for any candidate for political office. The objective of the U.S. Government and Politics Course at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) is for students to gain an understanding of the various structures and functions of government. For many years, several government classes at PWHS have had an assignment in which students may choose among several options to witness and experience government in a variety of settings. Options include attending a public government meeting, interviewing an elected official, attending a local, state or national campaign event and volunteering for a local, state or national campaign. The District will investigate any violations of this Colonial Board Policy accordingly as we would in any other matter.

Manero teaches the class mentioned. As reported and the statement confirms, students were allowed to select from a list and one involved working on Manero’s campaign.

So did Manero use district resources (his class and students) to benefit his campaign?

And for the people commenting in support of Manero. It is fine you like your teacher or your kid’s teacher, but notice that the district feels the need to investigate this, so don’t act like we are making something out of nothing.

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