Colonial School Board’s Adam Schupack Retweets Complimentary Tweet Thanking State Senator Daylin Leach for Advocating for Policy Being Considered by School Board

As has reported, the Colonial School Board is currently considering a Responsible Contractors policy.

The issue was on the agenda at a school board meeting on July 19th and State Senator Daylin Leach (D) spoke during pubic comment in support of the Responsible Contractors policy.

The next morning the Twitter account for the Colonial Democrats tweeted the following:

Colonial School Board member Adam Schupack (D), retweeted it.

While Schupack retweeted, fellow board member Eunice Franklin Becker just liked the original Tweet.

Why is this an issue?

By retweeting, Schupack publicly thanked someone who agrees with him politically after that person spoke before the school board. When he suspected a speaker didn’t agree with him politically, he utilized a school board proceeding to grill the speaker on his organization’s political affiliations (watch video here).

Plus, by retweeting a purely partisan tweet about an issue before the school board, Schupack appears to have trouble separating politics and his supposed non-partisan role on the school board.

More to come.

Photo: Daylin Leach’s Facebook page