Colonial School Board votes 9-0 to approve school reopening plan

Last evening the Colonial School Board voted 9-0 to approve the school reopening plan proposed by the district’s administration. The plan offers to choices to parents.

The plan includes two options. First, there is a hybrid model, which will have students split into two groups with each attending classes in-school two days a week and receiving virtual instruction three days a week. The schedule will have one group attending school on Monday and Wednesday with the other group attending on Tuesday and Thursday. Virtual instruction will take place on days not in school (everyone is virtual on Friday).

The other option is 100% virtual instruction.

A third group, Special education students and those learning English will receive, will receive in-school instruction Monday through Thursday and virtually on Friday.

Now that the plan is approved, the school district will send to parents a survey to determine which plan they prefer and a second involving transportation. Teachers have already been sent a survey through their union to determine their preferences.

You can view this plan, which has a lot of details specific to class level, here.

You can watch the board meeting below.