Colonial School Board voted 7-2 to offer five days of in-school instruction

On Monday, March 8th, the Colonial School Board held a special meeting to review a plan to offer five days of in-school instruction starting April 12th and consider a motion to move forward with the plan.

After a presentation by Superintendent Dr. Michael Christian, the board had a chance to ask questions, and take public comment. The board then voted 7-2 to approve the plan. Board members Adam Schupack and Eunice Franklin-Becker were the two dissenting votes. Families wishing to remain virtual will have that option.

The approved plan moves away from requiring six feet of distance between desks by reducing that number to three feet. The exception will be during lunch when students remove their masks. The plan also hinges on there being two consecutive weeks leading up to April 12th of the COVID-19 transmission rates being below the substantial range.

A few other things:

  • Educational staff to be offered the vaccine on Friday, March 12th. Nearly 300 employees will be vaccinated. Approximately 25% already vaccinated
  • After April 12th, if cases surge to levels of this past holiday season (substantial), Colonial may return to the hybrid model to maintain six feet of distance
  • Now that the board has voted to make the change, families will be asked to complete an Instructional Model Commitment Form for the period of April 12th through June 11th