Colonial School Board Candidate Blocked Us on Facebook

Several weeks ago we reached out to every local candidate for political office we could find an email address or Facebook account for. While most didn’t respond, we didn’t expect a candidate to block us after sending a very pleasant introductory message.

Below is the message we sent to Colonial School Board candidate Jamina Clay-Dingle:

Today we clicked on one of the Facebook posts made by the slate of candidates she has aligned herself with and we noticed that where she is tagged in the text of the post, it shows that she has blocked us.

We asked two people to look her up on Facebook to see if she just blocked everyone, and that is not the case.

Current School Board President and current candidate Felix Raimondo also blocked us, but that happened a long time ago.

If it matters to you, none of the candidates in this slate responded back to us.

We try to go to candidates directly, because we do not want some cookie cutter response from the party bosses. We want to know what they think. Apparently with this group we will never know.