Colonial Neighborhood Council Robbed – Community Responds

Back on October 10th, the Colonial Neighborhood Council had a post about its need for a freezer. If you aren’t aware of the Colonial Neighborhood Council, it manages programs like the local Meals on Wheels, etc.

So two people donated freezers, but then the unexpected happened. Below is a Facebook post from Sandi Fryer of the Colonial Neighborhood Council:

So no way did I expect my day to start out with talking to the police. Many thanks to the 2 people that dropped off freezers to CNC unfortunately they were both taken before we could get them inside which was pretty slick since I saw them out there when I was helping someone in the cupboard & an hour later they were gone! I was then going to get the bank deposit done & amazingly enough, the bank bag was gone with several hundred dollars in it. I know it doesn’t sound like much but to us, its a million. That’s what we use to help those that are truly in need. I tore through my office thinking it must be misplaced, knowing it wasn’t because I’m pretty crazy about keeping things safe The officer looked, took down the names of everyone that has keys or access to the building. It just has me so upset as I sit here at 7:40 making new MOW client envelopes because they were in the bank bag I’m just so sick over this!

Stealing from a food bank is a pretty scummy thing to do, but in response to bad acts, comes the opportunity for other people to do good. Here is the latest from Sandi:

I truly am so thankful for all the wonderful friends throughout the community. Bob Burt came to our rescue with 2 freezers and Angela Hendrick & her troops with donations as well as random neighbors and friends. There are just not enough nice words to describe all the great people we have in this town. Thank you so very much.

You can still help the Colonial Neighborhood Council through a donation through its website.