Collins family and Couch Tomato thank the public for their support. Plus, get a free membership to the Conshohocken Historical Society

This week realtor Binnie Bianco posted on behalf of the Collins family and the Couch Tomato, who are the owners and tenants of the Outbound Station, to thank the public for its support during the possible eminent domain of the property and building at 2 Harry Street in Conshohocken.

The post from Bianco reads:

On behalf of the Collins family and the Couch Tomato folks, they would like to thank everyone for their enormous amount of support in helping their family retain ownership of the Outbound Station and continue on with its journey to becoming the newest small business in Conshohocken, The Couch Tomato. Because of you they had the weight of Conshohocken behind them and you made sure that the Council knew it.

As most of you know, Joe is President of the Conshohocken Historical Society and as a “Thank You” to the community they would like to extend a free membership to the All for 2022. The Historical Society is looking to grow its membership in hope that more of us will get involved! We’ve saved the Outbound Station and now we need to secure the Future of Conshohocken’s History. Please take the time to join. Instructions to join are below.

Again Thank You for your tremendous support and coming together as a community to save what we believe to be a Conshy Treasure.

Sincerely, Binnie Bianco

-Go to
-From the main menu select “Help CHS”
-Then from the sub-menu select “Membership”
-Fill out the online form and click “Submit”