Club Pilates Conshohocken engages digital fitness communities with live at-home workouts to help people stay active during coronavirus outbreak

At its core, Club Pilates is a workout that’s for everybody – and during quarantine, it’s no different. Club Pilates Conshohocken is working with their knowledgeable instructors to provide daily classes, sometimes more than once a day due to popular demand, that are hosted on Zoom for community members to stay engaged while they aren’t able to practice in-studio.

“We have always been proud to support the Conshohocken  community as both a resident and small business owner,” says George Waller “But with many of us ordered to stay at home, it’s more important than ever for us to keep our neighbors moving and staying strong through this COVID-19 crisis.”  

Club Pilates offers group and private Reformer Pilates classes, providing consumers with tailored, high-end workouts.  With the studio doors closed, the studio and its staff is now pivoting to a digital environment to provide that same high caliber experience and continue engagement with community members amid COVID-19. Club Pilates has always been about fostering the sense of community within the studio and recently it’s really come to light outside the studio.

Not only are community members showing up to live classes in droves, but they have offered to keep paying membership dues, they are purchasing gift cards and they are buying retail that’s available to help support studios while they’re temporarily closed. The outpouring of support is flowing both ways.

To stay up to date on the live class schedule visit  for timing, class details, and additional studio information.