Closure of West First Avenue Parking Deck Impacting at Least One Commuter Who Parked There Illegally

Yesterday we received a phone call from someone we know who asked about how the long parking lot on West First Avenue would be closed. Apparently he had been parking there illegally for at least a couple years and now is left to find a spot during the day on the mean streets of Conshohocken.

We told him that the lot in question is being knocked down and a new lot would not open for two years.

As we were saying this, we wondered how many others were illegally parking in that lot. That lot offered after-hours public parking, but not during the work day. It was a private lot for the office building next door (that is also being knocked down). After hours parking is now available at 125 East Elm Street.

If this closure has impacted your parking routine, we would like to know how you are handling it. Are you walking? Taking the train? Riding a bike? Finding a spot in the neighborhoods? Paying the meters? Let us know in the comments or via email at