Closed Kennedy Kenrick High School Ranked No. 25th Best Catholic High School in Region

The same website that ranked West Conshohocken as the No. 1 suburb in the country to buy a house has ranked Kennedy Kenrick High School as the 25th best Catholic high school in the region. There is only one problem, Kennedy Kenrick has been closed since 2010. This is why we really don’t like all the rankings published by national websites. There isn’t a lot of care given to finding the truth. It i just the results of crunching numbers.

The school that the students from Kennedy Kenrick merged into, Pope John Paul II High School, was actually ranked No. 26.

The most likely reason for the inclusion of Kennedy Kendrick was due to the data coming from US Department of Education reports from 2011-2012. You can learn how the schools were ranked by clicking here.