Client raves about Orange Cryo Wellness and benefits of cryotherapy

Orange Cryo Wellness’s client Jillian S. discusses what she loves Orange Cryo and the benefits of cryotherapy!

Why did you start using cryotherapy?

I have a lot of chronic pain from a car accident I was in in 2012 and I’ve played high-level softball since I was 9. I ruptured a disc and the one below was herniated and hitting my spinal cord. I’ve had surgery on both and have never been able to get rid of the pain. There’s so much inflammation because of it and I’m always getting headaches.

In addition, two months ago I had hip surgery on a torn labrum because of softball and I’ve been doing physical therapy ever since. After every PT session, I’ve been coming to Orange Cryo to get rid of inflammation and it’s been helping so much! I had been visiting so many doctors and specialists and finally heard about this. It’s been a lifesaver for me!

How long have you been visiting Orange Cryo?

I’ve been coming for almost 6 months and it was recommended to me by my primary care physician. They knew how much pain I was in and asked me if I’d ever heard of cryotherapy; I’ve been coming ever since.

What are some of the benefits you’ve noticed?

Pain relief! I haven’t been able to get in this past week because I can’t drive and my husband was away; before that, I was going consistently. I’ve noticed such a difference in my everyday pain levels than when I get to come in a few times a week. I’m so glad he’s back so I can get back into my regular schedule!

Tell us why you love Orange Cryo!

It’s close to where I live, the facilities are so nice and everyone has been so accommodating of me. I have been doing the whole body session along with the localized cryo; the staff is so knowledgeable about how best to help me! Orange Cryo has been amazing! I look forward to going every time.


Orange Cryo Wellness is a wellness center that offers the best technology available to reduce inflammation, manage pain and accelerate recovery time. It offers 3-minute whole body cryotherapy at -130* celsius as well as localized cryotherapy (spot treatments) to target isolated areas of inflammation and cryo facials to stimulate natural collagen and reduce wrinkle lines.

In addition to its cryotherapy treatments, Orange Cryo Wellness also offers compression therapy, red light therapy, theragun sport massage, infrared sauna, whole-body vibration, and Cryo Toning, a cryo based cosmetic treatment to reduce fat, remove cellulite and tighten skin.

Orange Cryo Wellness prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for all your wellness and recovery needs!

Special Offer

During February, Orange Cryo Wellness is offering a “Share the Love of Wellness, Together!” package. Try Orange Cryo Wellness 14-pack of whole body cryo and share the sessions with that special someone. The cost is $249 for members (both members) and $399 for non-members. You have six months to use the services.


For more information on Orange Cryo Wellness visit its website, call (484) 351-8400 or drop in at 3012 Butler Pike in Conshohocken.